Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today I'm sharing a new card I made (and sold) yesterday. I bought these fun little bingo cards on ebay a while ago and finally thought I might try and use them. It worked! I dug out a pad of some older papers and this is the finished card. It's a Happy card!
Barry went off to school this morning. I really wasn't sure he was going. He's having a hard time with getting better. Sometimes I think it might be in his mind after all he's been through, but that's a easy answer to the problems. I think it's going to take time for him to KNOW in his own mind he's doing OK. His wound is healing well, but for some reason he woke up thinking he should go to the doctor's today and see why it wasn't. He had a dream, again! Everything is really doing fine with him. He does have my cold, which at any moment could be a death sentence. He's a big baby about the cold thing, as are most men. That's my life....one thing after another!
I had a creative day yesterday after all was said and done. I started making cards late in the morning and got lots done. I added some to my ebay store and guess what---I sold some of the cards! I even sold a stamp! We can eat another day! Speaking of eating, we did pizza last night. It was a treat that I thought we needed. Sometimes you just have to do it. Last night was one of those times.
Well, I'm off to create something to add to my store again. I also got some new images last night from Whimsie Doodle. OMG, check them all out! If you like Valentine's Day like I do, you need to hurry on over! And don't forget you get 20% off everything if you add PAULA20 when you check out! There's a link right at the top of my blog!
Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

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  1. I can see why this sold right off. It is very different. Make some more like it!