Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hubby Had Surgery This Weekend

I've just arrived home after 14 hours at the VA Emergency Care! My dear husband had surgery tonight to repair a hernia! He started feeling bad last night and this morning at 7 I took him to the hospital. They gave him every test around and tonight did the job! Less then 3 years ago Barry had major surgery to have Cancer of the Bladder done. He doesn't have a bladder now and wears a bag, so anytime something happens, we hit the panic button! It went just fine and he's doing well. My two son's came around 5 to be with me. It was a very long day and night and now I'm headed for sleep. I have the pre blog hop wording set to post tomorrow on my blog. Hopefully that will work.

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  1. Paula,

    Hello! What news! I hope the surgery will resolve any issues he had and that the recovery goes well. Please know that you and Barry and in my thoughts and prayers.