Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Oldie, but Goodie SU Set

I really dug deep in the pile of old BG papers for this one. I found this stray piece of stripe paper laying on the floor of my studio just begging me to use it! I said sure, and now it's been paired up with a fun but not used-very-often stamp of SU stamps! I used to use this chicken set alot when I got it, but it's fallen on hard times. I used the little verse all the time, but forget about the birds. Not today! I used some of my new Label 8's and a bunch of prima flowers and there is my card!
Today wasn't a very good day for Barry or me really. He doesn't seem to be healing as well as the doctor's would like, so they put him on some other med's. He wants to eat something solid and doesn't like the bland diet they have him on. Needless to say, I didn't want to hear all that. It was so cold here in Dallas today and I have a nasty cold coming along that I didn't go visit him today. He told me to stay home and keep warm. It's suppose to be even colder tomorrow, but I really should go see him.
I worked around the house instead and got all the wash done. Now Barry has lots of clean underwear and all his clothes for school are clean and ready to go. I got a few cards made as well. Barry called me tonight to see if I would make a fishing card for his room mate. He's a big fish guy. Of course I went right to work on it and that the sea glitter is drying. I try and I try to make cards without glitter, but the sea has glitter, doesn't it? I think he'll like it.
I'm off now to do something, like sleep I think!
Have a good night and please keep us in your prayers. The New Year isn't starting off good and I'm so afraid it won't get better. I really wish anyone of my wonderful net friends was close by right now and would give me a big hug, so I guess I'll give myself one!


  1. Cute card! I love those birdies! You've got some beautiful creations for sale on e-bay! Love 'em!

    I'm sorry to hear Barry's not doing so well. Hopefully the new meds will have him getting stronger soon. Take care of that cold! Rest up and get better!


  2. Cyber hugs to you Paula. That is the best I can do.