Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have no shame. Do you think I've grown two heads and my cards have suddenly become so darn ugly that I'm not selling anything? Ok, I have low self worth right now. I thought I could live with it, but I guess I wrong, again! Do you ever wonder why we keep creating cards, day after day? I think my work is ok. Heck, I really like my work, so WHY ISN'T IT SELLING? Can everyone be away this weekend? Doesn't someone need another "Paula" creation? Maybe I'm over reacting a bit---NO! I guess I better get back to making some more cards. You never know when the rush will hit!
Today's card is made using some forgotten I had Basic Grey papers. I love all those nice neat 6x6 pads most of us collect, but the problem is that I put them in a nice neat pile of other 6x6 pads, and then forget I what I have! Maybe a label would help. When I saw these colors, I knew I had the perfect papers for Fall Lulu Ketto. The ribbon was the last scrap of black and white plaid I have left. It made the perfect size bow. She's so darling and so easy to create a fun card with.
What are you up to this holiday weekend? Barry and I are staying around town. We went to the $ movies yesterday and saw UP. What a neat movie. It was rated G, but I think the adults will get more out of it then the kids. We didn't even make a trip to the Dollar Tree for candy before the movie. It was too close to lunch for that, or maybe I was being really cheap!
Today is another lazy day at the Bloom Zoo. I really need to clean up a bit, do a bit of wash, and watch a bit of TV. The Ranger's Game is on at 12:30 and that takes up most of the afternoon. Like I said, lazy days!
Have a great holiday weekend. Stay safe if you're on the road.

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  1. Nice halloween colors. That nice big bow and button center really grabs the eye - it reminds me of the hat Aretha Franklin wore to sing at the inauguration. It takes attitude to make it work, and you make it work!