Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today IS The Day To Be Counted IN or OUT

No pretty pictures today. No nice words today. Today is the day to take a stand and be counted. Are you in or are you out? Health care is the issue. If you don't think this is a big deal or if you don't think you need to hear about this issue that effects everyone, then I thank you for the time you've taken to visit and hope you'll come back another day to see those pretty pictures we all love. But today is different. This is an issue that I feel very strongly about. It hits my family very hard! We are among those almost 50 MILLION people that don't have health insurance. As you may know, my husband is out of work. I've applied to so many places I can't keep track. There are very few jobs out there in the real world. I know, I'm just like you and used to say when I saw someone on the street corner looking for a handout because they didn't have work---get a job---different time, different place. Jobs are hard to find. Even my Michael's hasn't hired this year and it's almost the end of the year! What few jobs are out there don't offer insurance! Barry has had Cancer. We could not afford the cost of Cobra and because we HAD a few dollars left in our 401, we can't get state aid for insurance either. We are one of MILLIONS caught in that trap! Forget big business for right now. Remember we are neighbors, we got to worship in the same places, but we are the forgotten one's in this debate! It's easy to say that you're happy with your health care when you company is paying 2/3 of the price. IT's not so easy when you have to pay the 1000.00 a month yourself. TRY it and tell me how you like it! I'm not asking for your pity or crying in the wind today. I am asking you to remember that it can happen to anyone and what would you do if your neighbor said to you, you can't have insurance because I'm so darn happy with mine! That's the tone of this debate. Nothing about taking care of that neighbor. These are the same people who you call the fire department to report their house is on fire, but you won't give them the same rights to health care as you have! There is something very wrong is this debate. I have written many letters to the Congress and even the White House. I feel very strong about this issue. If you feel strong about it, you should write an email to your Congressman. Notice, I'm not asking you to feel as I do about this issue. I'm asking you to think with your head, and not just because you're listening to the talking heads on TV. Give this some thought today and really listen to what the President is going to say. Weather we agree with him or not, give the Office the respect is should have. WE want to teach our children and grandchildren right from wrong, not just how we see the world, but all sides of an issue. We want them to grow up to listen to others, not close their minds to the world around them.
Thank you for listening to me today.

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