Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Giving Thanks!

Several weeks ago I went looking online for the newest Basic Grey papers. What I found was the paper and a very nice lady who has a store and was a dear to work with. Yesterday I got an email saying she was having a really good sale---I clicked over right away! While I didn't get paper, I did get a new gig as a Guest Designer for October! This is the site The owner is Cheryl and she has very nice selection of goodies on her site! I can't wait to play and make some samples for her to see! Please check out her site and while you're there, feel free to do some shopping!
I didn't make even one card yesterday. I was that type of day. The cable guy came and went, leaving me another new DVR. What did we do before we could record all the shows we wanted? Then I went to the post office. When I came home I found that I had left my MOJO somewhere on the road! To say I had none would be an understatement! Last night I had a great idea for a card and this morning went looking for a stamp set I wanted to use. I know I had the set in my hand last week---now it too has left me! I know it's there, but it must be hiding! I started cleaning up some yesterday and it must have hidden itself away! Well at least this morning I was able to get something done. I've made one Tilda card and have several other images colored and cut out.
Barry is going to a job fair this afternoon. It's a case of if you don't go, you might miss out on that one chance at a new job. Since I didn't win the Mega Millions last night, he still needs to find employment! Too bad! I had my list of want to spend the money on almost done! Maybe tonight with the regular Lotto. Oh yea, I would have to buy a ticket and I'm not sure I have an extra buck for that!
Have a great day!

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  1. Paula - Way to go on the guest designer gig. Woo hoo!