Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is The Week Just Rushing By or What?

It's Tuesday and I've made ONE card this week! I was so lazy over the long holiday weekend. Were you? I know I should have worked on Fall cards, but it was so easy not to! I did make a card this morning and have stamped out a few images, but honestly, it's only 8 AM! On Sunday I didn't even make it out of my PJ's. Yesterday was a lot better then that. The lure of free chicken sandwiches at Chick Fillet got me. It got me 3 times. So much of a good thing is a good thing! I've had my chicken fix for a now. It was nice not to cook and cheaper too! Oh yea, the ride we took to find the perfect chicken sandwich took us to the casino in OK, but it's only an hour drive for us and because I HAD to go to M's for cutter blades, I thought the one on the way to OK would work out the best for our drive! I didn't want a good 50% coupon to go to waste. No I didn't use it on the blades, they were already on sale, but I did get some new brads that I was sure I couldn't live without! At the casino I did turn a $ into 5 so that wasn't too bad a thing. Barry made me cash out my winnings and when I wanted to go back to my machine, a dirty old man (not Barry) was already there! Didn't he know it was my machine? I was on a roll. It's the same one I play whenever we go there. Didn't he see my name on it? I'm a big roller (LOL)! I guess he missed all that! So we left with our five dollar bill in one piece!
Today I have to do all the things I didn't get done yesterday. Wash, trash, clean, and make cards. Not in that order of course.
Have a great day! Head over to my friend Kim's blog http://sewstampscrapbook.blogspot.com/ and wish her well. Her baby is due tomorrow. She's having #5 and because she has so much love to give, this little one will be just as loved as her first! She's a special person!

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