Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Of A Kind

Aren't these the cutest cards you've seen today? Well maybe you haven't been blog hopping yet and these are the first one's you've seen. If so, I hope you like them. I finished up the set of 4 and added them to my ebay store. Check them out if you must! I made them pretty simple without lots of ribbon. I'm going to need more of the American Crafts plaid paper. Now to find it in a store near me. I don't think Barry wants to drive an hour or more to get some of this paper again. I think I'm right on that count.
I have sunburned knees today and trucker arms! The seats at the ball game were in the sun all day! I'm glad I remembered a hat, but forgot the sunscreen. The tip of my nose is a nice red color as well. Oh well, at least it was fun!
Today I'm trying to finish up some projects that must get done and maybe do a few things around the house. It's the Jewish holiday's today, but I think I feel anything like the holidays today. We talked to Barry's Dad last night and seems to be doing ok. Who knows at this point. I seem to be doing ok, but we all know how that is!!!!
Gotta run, have a great day!

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