Friday, September 4, 2009

Big Boys Birthday

Today is my oldest son Larry's birthday! He's 38 years old! Where oh where did the years go? It seems like yesterday I had him. I remember being so hot during the summer when I was carrying him. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment on the second floor. It became so hard for me to walk up and down those steps, but I used to take the cat out for "airing"! We had Lefty and her baby Pooh Bear. Lawrence is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, so he has always been the special one. I think there's a place for every grandchild in the family, but the first is always the "one"! When Jewish people have children they name them after someone who has passed away. My Dad died when I was 13, so we named him in honor of him. The Edward part of his name was for Barry's Grandfather's brother who passed away around the same time Larry was born. We made everyone happy with his name! And that was the point of the whole thing anyway!
Tonight we're going to Larry's house for dinner. He's cooking out. I offered to bring dessert, but Tina said that's Justin's job. We're going to just come as guests. Works for me!
Speaking of work. I'm waiting for a package to arrive today from my new Guest Designer spot. I tracked to arrive today! I can't wait to get new goodies in the mail!
We don't have anything planned for the long weekend, except to sleep later then 6 AM and be lazy. That's a plan I can live with!
Have a great day and hurry back!

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