Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't You Wish You Could Remember Your Password?

That's my big problem today. I couldn't remember my password for blogger! After having a one-sided conversation with my brain, we finally figured it out! Do you know how hot it can be in Texas without AC? So Very Hot! The air guy is coming this morning sometime. With Barry out of work so long, our savings are shot, and so I called my son's to say we needed some help. They are going to take care of whatever problem we are having with the air. I'm thinking it's a big one. I'm so glad they all have good jobs!
Yesterday was my 39th anniversary. Where oh where have the years gone? Friends called in the early morning hours and asked us to join them. That was so nice. It was Judy's birthday as well. It was too bad we had to return to our home cause it sure was hot, but we kicked up all the fans and I slept at the end of the bed in order to get all the air, so it wasn't too bad.
I uploaded a bunch of cards on my ebay store this morning. I took some of the ones I sent my MIL home with me. One of those sold already. Now I'm trying to work a few more to list.
Not much else is new (thank goodness) in the Bloom Zooland World. We'll know more when Justin will be going to Basic Training later today. It's either going to be in Nov or Jan. Either way it's cold up in the Great Lakes area! He's getting his physical today and doing lots of tests to see what type of school he's going to be going to after Basic.
Take care and thanks for coming to visit!

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