Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

Do you know have that song in your head? Good ole Stevie Wonder! Today the sun is trying to come out. Yesterday, on the other hand, was very Fall like! It was cloudy and misty all day. What a nice change for us. Too bad we didn't have it over the weekend when the AC was out, but that's how it seems to go! Today I'm showing a card I made and sold yesterday. Sophie will be dancing her way into a new home soon! I used so many pieces of scrap that I found on my desk. I'm proud of that!
Today I'm busying trying to make some more cards. It's a Fall kinda day for me. I'm hooked on all those wonderful shades of oranges and greens. They are my favorite colors to work with. So warm and inviting. Barry is suppose to be at school at day, but you never can tell. He has a cold coming on, and as we ALL know, men can't handle that! I wish I knew about this being sick with a cold thing when the kids were small and there wasn't anybody else to take care of them. WHY didn't anyone tell me about this club? Must be a guy thing!
So that's my life. Nothing gets any better. It just rolls along from one bump to another! Every day I wake up thinking today is the day. Today is going to be a great day. I have faith that if I say it enough, one day it will be a great, great day---maybe it's today!
Hugs and Love to all who enter my tiny little world!

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