Friday, September 25, 2009

Glald The Week Is Ending!

My Tilda is ready to sweep out the old and begin again! At least that's how I feel today! Barry is finally making process in school this week even though he still says he can't work as quickly as the other students. I called him on it last night. I get so tired of hearing that same old song so I told him it was BS because when I ask him to explain things to me about what he's doing---he's right on! I know how hard it is for him doing this and how hard the past year has been, but I'm tired too. I just he just thinks he's the only one suffering. I wish that were so.
Today I'm sharing a card I made the other day using what I could find on my desk. I love doing that. Then I feel like I'm making some dent in the HUGE pile of paper on my desk, but it doesn't seem to be going down any. I think I have something growning in there! I'm busy finishing up some cards this morning to add to my ebay store today. Please check them out. I swear they get prettier and prettier each time I make some. I was looking at some other cards for sale yesterday and think I've under priced mine, so if you need to get a good deal, hurry on over!
We have lots of baseball plans for the weekend. Tomorrow Barry and I are going to the Rangers game with the tickets we were able to trade in from two weeks ago when we went home. On Sunday we're taking the boys to the game with us. We got all our tickets from the gift we received for the holidays this past year. I really, really enjoyed going to a few games this summer. It was a great treat for us. I'm asking for the same thing again this year! Barry is also got a Lion's thing tomorrow morning. I was invited to a baby shower in the afternoon, but because of the baseball game, I'm going to pass. I'll miss seeing my friends, but I would miss the chance to be with Barry even more.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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