Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know, I know, I've used this set before and make other cards using red and green apples, but the reason I'm showing you this card today is because of the cute buttons I used next to the apples. I have some left-over heart buttons from Valentine's Day (at least one or two that's pasted) and I while looking for something to add to the front of the card to give it a nice finished "Paula" look to it, I found the heart buttons. A light when off off and I made them into apples with just the addition of the green brads. Well at least I thought they were cute and my friend Pat must have to since we purchased my card in my eBay store! I do have to tell you about my friend Pat who lives in WY. I love how customers because dear friends. We crafters are the very nicest of people and Pat is certainly that. She sent me several Magnolia stamps this week that she's bought and is allowing me to stamp images from them before I send them back to her! She is even sending along several more that she's getting in the mail next week! I swap images from in town friends all the time, but out of town friends, that's going the extra mile!
Yesterday was a very pleasant day. First we had brunch with Evan and his best friend Michael who moved back to TX this summer with his wife and girls. They have been friends since we moved to TX in 1988. Mike married and moved to Kansas about 8 years ago. They get together every so often, but it's nice to have him back near us. He does live 45 minutes away, but everything is TX is far away. He was spending a "boys" day with Evan yesterday. After we went to Denny's, Barry and I headed out for the Flight Museum at Love Field. Yesterday was free museum day around the country and we printed out passes and off we went. It was really fun and a great place to spend some time. Next we headed out for the Rangers ball game. We're still using our free tickets and we got there early enough for free parking as well. The team won a great game and we saw 4Th of July type fireworks after the game. It was a really good day!
Today we're headed back to the ball park with the boys. It's the last home game of the year. We go almost every year because they give away lots of stuff. We're never won anything, but it's nice to go and enjoy the day with my sons.
I have to finish up some design work tomorrow and start on another week of making cards to sell. Have a great day! Be safe!


  1. Paula - using green brads to turn heart buttons into apples is sooo inspired!