Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riley's Got His Reading ON!

Wasn't that a great speech last night? Well I thought so and since I value my own opinions, it was a great speech! No, I don't agree with everything the President said. I feel we need a very strong Public Plan, but I was impressed that he was strong and took the lead in this!
Enough of bad things, like who does or doesn't have health care. Today I'm sharing a fun project made using my Reading Riley. He hasn't seem much ink. I think his appeal might be limited to a select few, but I really like him. I saw a bunch of book markers made using scraps and thought I'd give it a go. Most of the one's I saw were 1" x 4". That was a little too small for my old fingers to work with. I made mine a little over 2" x 4". That fit the size of the black check paper, and that's the idea of those fun things made using the left over scraps! I bought this paper last year on sale at J's and forgot about it. I was looking for ribbon when it fell on top of me (yes Gretchen, you do know how that could happen in my studio!) and it worked perfect for that "school" theme. I wish that there would be more "moose" sayings coming from Hanna stamps. I'd like some for winter stamps, besides Merry Moosemas! Oh well, I guess I get to think them up myself!
Today I'm trying to play catch-up with "stuff" again. The wash, the dryer, the dirty dishes. It's a shame the maid has left town! I did make a card this morning and watch the DVR so I'm hoping that counts for something!
Have a great day and hurry back!