Thursday, September 3, 2009

Me & The Cable Guy

Yes, that's right, the cable guy is coming again to our house! Why ME! This time the new box went bad and we can't get the upper cable channels! Barry told me this at 4:00 this morning! Yes, he thought it was important to let me know---maybe I had to pay the bill? I told him that the bill was paid, and if it wasn't we wouldn't have even the lower channels on the TV and to go back to sleep! Great way to wake up!
Do you love this card? I so ready for Fall to come to Texas. It is cooler then usual for us, but I'm sure we're not done with the heat yet. The Jewish New Year will be here in a few weeks and it always seems to get hot then. Even when we lived up North. As soon as you put your new wool outfit on to go to Temple, the heat would arrive! This was something we could always count on! I'm sorry my in laws won't be with us this year. They've been visiting us for many years during the High Holiday season. It's also Annette's birthday and the kids have always loved to help her celebrate. We'll have to leave room at the table just in case!
She is suppose to start her rehab big time today. She got a good check up yesterday and today she has to go it alone without the pain med's. When she is suppose to be having therapy, she is sleeping, so no more pain medicine! That should speed up the healing!
Barry is at school today and I was trying to work on some cards. I need to go and get some new blades for my cutter. The paper kills them pretty quickly when I'm on a roll. Then I remembered I had 2 new programs on the DVR and I'm trying to watch them instead. Too bad!
I have a package on the way from the company I'm going to be a guest designer for! I'm thrilled at the thought of playing with new things. What is it with us paper hogs that just the thought of new stuff gets the creative juices going again? I still haven't found the fall set I lost somewhere between Monday and yesterday. Who knows where it is? I'm sure it will turn up. I just hope before Christmas!
Have a great day and hurry back soon. Hugs to all who enter with Love in your heart!

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