Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So why, oh why, is that black cloud still hanging around our door? Never gives us a break! Yesterday Barry's hours were cut back to just the weekend starting next week! Great idea at the holidays! Go from 35 hours to 8 a week! I think today is just of those days that it's more then I can take! Tomorrow is the first night of Hanukkah and I have only one gift to give to anyone. Madelyn is getting a gift and that's it. I feel so bad. I was planning on baking some gifts this year, but with paying Barry's ticket yesterday, I just want to feed us until next when he gets paid again. My cards aren't selling anywhere they need to be to make it, and at this point I'm lost! On top of that, I have some yuck stuff going on in my chest and I've been up since 4. Now I need to go and nap!
Please just enjoy this card I made a while ago. I think I need to dig out this set again. It MFT's Pure Innocence!

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  1. I'm sooo sorry to hear that Barry's hours have been cut back. I know this must be so heart breaking for you. I still keep you in my prayers. Just please don't give up God will provide! I can read the frustration in your posts and I feel so bad. I swear if I had money you would be the first I'd send tons to! I've given up on my Etsy shop, matter of fact I haven't listed any cards in awhile. I just can't seem to get no one interested. Big hugs and love you! Leanne