Sunday, November 21, 2010


WOW the start of new week, a new beginning! It's always so nice to think that's going to happen! Hope springs up on Sundays I think. I don't where you are in this world, but it's early Sunday morning in Texas, and I'm busy creating some more cards for my Etsy store! I've finished up 2 already this morning. I have been busy and with only 1 cup of coffee, it's truly a miracle! It helps when you print out or stamp your images before you go to bed, then there is no excuse of not having things ready to play with! Don't worry, I still use that excuse! Today's card is made using a from Riley the Moose. I've made up several for my store. He's just a hoot! I had some hiking Riley's as well, but they sold, so I popped another one out this morning and he'll go in the store later today!
It's going to be a lazy day at our house. Barry is napping already while I play. It's been a long week for him. He has to work on Thanksgiving, so we'll have dinner at Evan's house later in the day. I have to bring dessert and gravy. The gravy I've got covered already. Dessert is a different matter. Something lite because after ham and turkey, something small and sweet has got to be good! I have to put my thinking cap on for that!
Have a great day!


  1. Happy Sunday Paula!! Well I have to say that it sure looks like your Etsy shop is doing well!! Over 200 sales, that is fantastic!! I love Riley --I have tons of these but never seem to use them anymore. Too many stamps, too little time!

  2. I'm a day late, but hope you had a terrific Sunday, Paula! Riley is such a cutie -- he's an all-time favorite! I love this sweet card you've made with him, especially the fun way you decorated his hat. You have such a knack for those fun extra touches that really bring your cards to life! Hugs, Deedee