Saturday, November 13, 2010

And The Point Is....

I create almost everyday, and why do I do it? Oh yes, I enjoy the process, but the main reason is to sell, and since my things aren't really selling too much, I have to ask myself the point of creating! When I make cards, I put my all into them. I love the process of creating. I love the mixing and matching. I never pick out all the finishing touches until I'm making the card. I like to get a feel for the work first. I like to see how it all goes together, and then the ribbons, buttons, and brads. Do you like this darling little set? These Pure Innocence children always call my name when I need a lift and today's set was using one of those. I love how the set turned out. Now she's in my store and ready to go home!
Are people really reading my blog? I begin to wonder sometimes if they are. Leave some love and tomorrow night I'll pick a name and send out a small Thank You for it!
Have a great day!


  1. Paula you know I read your blog!! This is an adorable set & I'm sure it will sell quickly!

  2. Hi Paula!! I try to stop by too and take a peak at your darling creations!! Love this sweet set and hope it sells quickly!!

  3. You create because you're an artist.

    I haven't been reading the blogs like I used; just needed to take a break from them. But I came out to yours today to see what you've been up to that I missed. The card that really jumps out at me is the Xmas card you posted 11/6. Must be that glitter glue.

    Have you thought about also doing tags for gifts? It's a smaller canvas, and with the holidays I'm seeing more and more bloggers making tags. They really dress up that gift you give to teachers, coworkers, your friends, the kids in the classroom.

    I have good intentions to make them for the gifts that I give to my coworkers but I never get around to it. I run out of time, I hate production-mode, I decide too late what I'm going to give...I have a million & 1 excuses.