Thursday, November 18, 2010


You may ask why I say that, well, I have these 3 cards plus about 4 dozen of their best friends for sale in my Etsy store and nothing is selling! Other then to start giving them away, I don't know what else to do! I really feel so bad about this. I know, the economy is bad. I know all this, but I also know I'm selling a wonderful product that's dirt cheap and they should be selling! I had some on ebay, and still nothing, so now their all back in my Etsy store!
Today I'm taking a friend from the Assisted Living home to coffee. Deloris is the sweetest person and I don't think she's that much older then me. Maybe 5 to 8 years. She lives there with her husband Tommy. They are so nice and we seem to have bonded. I used to see her on Wednesday's when they go to Walmart on the home's bus, but now that Barry is working during the week, I don't get there often. I saw her last weekend at a art show that the home had and she asked me to meet her yesterday at Wally World. I was trying to finish up my project for tomorrow's blog hop (you have to come back for that), but ran in and asked her to coffee this morning. I've packed up all the cards I have sold to take to the post office and then we'll be off for a while to enjoy the cool weather! Then I have to take pictures of my project for tomorrow and write it up.
Come back tomorrow for prizes and to see some new and fun things in our blog hop!


  1. Darling cards! I love the long Eggbert card! Thanks for playing in the Bugaboo Challenge with us!

  2. All of your cards are wonderful, and while I'm partial to Bugaboo Stamps, I have to say that the first one is definitely my favorite! Thanks so much for participating in Catch the Bug's Winter Wonderland challenge with Bugaboo Stamps! :D MWAH!

  3. Cute, cute cards! Love Bugaboo, so of course I love the Eggbert card, but like Rae Anne, I think the first one is my favorite. Love the wreath on the dog house. Thanks for playing in the Bugaboo Challenge.

  4. Great card and thanks for taking the time to join us at Catch The Bug and Bugaboo for our Winter Wonderland challenge. Hope you have a look again on Saturday for a 'delicious' new challenge.