Monday, November 8, 2010


Such a pretty card! All the images are from Deedee's Digis! She's got lots of new images in her store now and even a sale on Fall images...check them out! I'm so happy that this card USED to be in my Etsy store, but there are still lots of others just waiting for a new home! That's what I meant by nothings really changed even though it's a new week. Other then running down the street with the cards taped to my back, I don't know what else to do to sell them! I'm really getting bummed out by this! I know other's aren't selling either, but that doesn't help when you depend on the income. Another day has come to our home, but it's the same choices. Gas or food! Barry has to have the gas for his car to go to work, and with that it again leaves me with under a $ until Wednesday! Great world we live in! It's such a shame that this is the norm these days. So many people having to do without the basic things in life that make life worth living! I'm not talking about more ribbon and glitter, I'm talking about food and gas! And it kills me because we are trying to make it. The only jobs out there in my area are sales in retail. I'm sorry to say, I can't even walk around the food store anymore without pain in my feet. I stood so many years on them working and now I seem to be paying the price. This past week was the worst it's been in a while. My mother had the same problems and I hope I'm not getting to be like her. So, now I'll go and make a few more cards, clean my house and see what else I can think of to get into at home!
Enjoy the weather!

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  1. That is one gorgeous card, Paula! I really like the combination of image and verse you used, and the beautiful way you layered them. Congrats on selling it, and I'm praying for many more sales for you soon. Hugs, Deedee