Friday, November 12, 2010


This sweet little snowman is getting ready for our cold weekend in Dallas! Finally maybe some fall weather is headed our way! It's hard to get down to the business of making Christmas cards when it's 75 outside, let alone buying Christmas cards! So now, they'll be no excuse for people to NOT be rushing to my Etsy store to buy, buy, buy! Yea, right! If only! I am working on a very nice special order for Mr Crabber and friends holiday card. He's a perfect card for people who live at the beach! Enough about other cards, let me tell you about this one. He's made using a Whimsie Doodles snowman image. It came with the verse as well. I used paper from a DCWV pad. I really wish you could buy some of the papers in the pads in single sheets instead of having to buy a whole pad of paper which includes some really ugly pieces. There's always some I love and some that make no me say WHY! I'd be happy with a pad that had just plaids and dots---that's my kind of paper!
So what's up for the weekend? Anything special planned? Take a moment, let us know what you're doing. We really don't have much planned. Barry is off to an eye clinic tomorrow morning and then is filling in for someone in the evening at work. I plan on working on my special order of cards and making tons more to add to the store. That's my plan, now if it comes off, I'll be OK! Sunday will be a lazy day I'm sue. It's suppose to rain and be cold all weekend, and my old bones say that's going to happen, so we'll be in most of the time.
Have a great day and hurry back. Leave a note of love today. Lets see if we can all leave a footprint!


  1. Great card, Paula! I love how you have it all put together.
    We are in the process of moving, so guess I will be packing...ugh...

  2. Very cute Paula!! You know what I do with the ugly pieces? Make matching envelopes! Even if I'm not making the envelope & just using store bought, I used matching paper to line the inside.

    Lots of running around this weekend....just like every other weekend...sigh....I would LOVE to just stay in & veg!