Tuesday, June 1, 2010


That makes a good card? Do you ever wonder what it is that makes some cards stand out and others just fade into the night? I wonder about this all the time. Since I make them to sell, I want them to be wonderful all the time, but because of the economy and people not spending so much on things like handmade cards, I wonder what I can do to make my cards even better then I thing they are now! Both of these cards are made using some of the newest Basic Grey papers. They both have dreamy silk ribbon and both are made using digi images. Even my die cuts got a work out on these cards. So, I ask you, what's up with them that they are still sitting on my desk. When you make a card, do you ask yourself, self, is this a wonderful card? Is this the best I can do? Is this a card that I would love to get in the mail? If you have answered YES to all the above questions, you are a darn fine crafter! There has got to be a market for these finely made cards! Ebay and Etsy are fine, but I want somewhere else. Where is that somewhere? I am asking because I really don't know of any other places to sell except those two and without doing a craft show, I don't have a clue. It seems like the WWW is so big there should be a place where card makers show off their wares! Dreaming again, I know! I think if I wasn't always trying to sell my cards to make sure we have food on the table, I won't be so worried about if they sold or not, but I have been putting my whole heart and soul into these cards. I think I need to find a hobby!
Well I'm off to do something like making the house a better place to be today. I have enough cards made for now, but the house really needs a good cleaning. Not to even mention the kitchen floor. I want to know how only two people in the house make such a big mess??????
Have a wonderful day and hurry back.


  1. Paula your cards are beautiful. Like you said people just don't have the money to spend on cards!! I have a few on Ebay myself, & my listings have definitely seen better days!! I've seen people set up a page right on their blog selling their projects & supplies, maybe you could do that?? You set it up as its own page, but then on your blog it shows up as a tab that people can click on.

    I hope you have a fantastic week!!!! At least it's nice out these days, no cold or snow!! That's something to smile about!

  2. These are SO sweet! I love the images and those BG papers are fabulous! I think sales of everything on e-bay are pretty slow. I sell stamps I bought and haven't even used and barely get half of what I paid for them. It's pretty depressing. If only I were a buyer - there are some great deals out there now. Hang in there...there is NOTHING wrong with your cards - you're very talented and your creations are beautiful!