Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Sweet You ARe

To have asked about Barry's day! He didn't pass his test. It really shocked him. He studied and studied and still he did worse then the first time he took it. I know it's hard, but the test itself is a killer. The thing that kills me if that he knows his stuff, but seems to have a hard time with the tests themselves. It took him 3 times to pass the last certification, so I guess the third time will have to be the charm on this test too! He'll sign up again tomorrow and then have to wait 2 weeks to take it again! The job interview was pretty much a waste of his 5 minutes! He went and the man spoke to him less then 10 minutes. He told him VERY briefly about the job and said they would email him a test to take and if he passed that they would then talk again! It's 10 at night and he still hasn't gotten the email, and they want it by Friday! Fun day, ya!
The card today is from a Whimsie Doodles red rubber set. I know, it's too cute for words, but try anyway! I love how it turned out. I thought it needed a little pop, so I stamped two "cookies" out and popped one up! A little bling and it's a darling card!
Madelyn will be here tomorrow bright and early. 7 ish her father said. I think she's coming on Friday too. I love her dearly, but I really need to work this week. I don't know why I say that. I haven't sold one card all week and I've got some really, really cute ones. I'm hoping my work is still ok, and it's just the time of the year! It's got to be something.
Well, I'm off to bed. My day will start early. Again thanks for your prayers for Barry. I know we'll get through this too. Tomorrow he has an ulta sound to see what's up with his liver. Who know!


  1. So sorry Paula! Sounds like Barry has some anxiety about taking tests!! It is frustrating to know he knows the stuff but isn't passing the tests. You are such a great grandma to watch mom made it clear when I first had Matthew that she would never watch my kids so I could work....which is why I quit my job that I now wish I had back!! Hugs to you both....hope Barry's US comes back all clear!

  2. Hi Paula!! I am so sorry to hear about Barry...I know that it must be frustrating for you both!! Keep positive thoughts and he will pass the next round!! Try to enjoy your visit with are a great grandma!! (((hugs)))

  3. This is just gorgous! I love how you pieced this one together. Love the colours.

  4. Aw, Paula - sending hugs to both of you! Your card is super sweet!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that Barry's testing didn't go well. I'll be praying that the third time is the charm!