Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

More cards on sale in my ebay store! I really need to clear out the stuff and make room for new things. Yes, some are fairly new, but they don't seem to be selling right now, so I thought I'd put them out their in a special package for the man in your life! Do you think they'll sell?
So what's new with you? Not much in the Bloom Zoo is new. Barry starts his training for the job on Monday afternoon. He's got to learn who to watch so they don't wander away from the home. He's just really going to be sitting for the 4 hours each time at the front desk, but just case they need him for anything else, he's got to know what to do. It was so hot yesterday that after we went and did some errands in the afternoon, I was wiped out for the night by 8! 102 is not fun!
Today Barry is at school and then he's going to a job fair. There is never anything worth the time, but at least he's still trying. I MUST find my MOJO. I haven't made a card in several days. I have so many new fun images to work with, but I'm just not finding the JO! It better be out there somewhere!
Well, have a good day. Sorry my post is a bunch of nothing today, better come back tomorrow to see what I have new!


  1. Masculine cards aren't as common so maybe these will go quickly! I love the little shirt! Not much new here either. I can't even imagine what that kind of heat is like. We might get two or three days a year where it gets 95 or above but I start to melt at about 90 or 80 if it's humid! I haven't inked a stamp in a few weeks. I have some new Magnolia images I need to stamp up and send out to you. Maybe that'll help the mojo flow!

  2. These cards are adorable! I hope they sell fast for you.
    102?? OMG I can't imagine it being that hot!!