Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Already?

It feels like I missed something this week. Do you fee like there is a day missing? With Barry being home on Monday, it makes the week short for me! Oh well, it's just one less day of making cards and it is a good thing today! Do you like my little Ladybug Girl? She's a Whimsie Doodles digi image. It is so easy to get hooked on these digi's. I know I've shown a card before that I used this image on, but she's too sweet not to make over and over again! Something is up with my camera and my pictures aren't coming out very clear, but the center of the flowers has lots of Copper glitter and they are so pretty IRL!
Yesterday was .50 day at the $ movies. I love Tuesday's! You can stop at the Dollar Tree and spend 2.00 for candy, and still have enough to see a movie. We (meaning I) chose Bounty Hunter. It was very cute, had lots of action, and Barry didn't fall asleep during it. So you could say it was worth the money! When we were in line buying our tickets (inside on week days) there was a group of people getting popcorn and drinks. The total was $30! That defeats the whole .50 thing!
The doctor called about the blood work Barry took last week. They need to do some more tests next week to see about his liver function's. I swear if I could get a good deal on a trade-in, I would. What is next with him???? Now I have to go and call VA to see what med's they told him yesterday to stop taking. You would think he'd have enough sense to write it down, but NO, he thought he'd remember! Now since he didn't, I have to call! Lucky me! Truly, I'm tired of taking care of Barry. Some days I wish I had the money Al & Tipper have, and chuck the whole thing! But I'm dreaming again---it's good to dream!
Have a great day!

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  1. I'll trade you one husband who goes to the doctor regularly, even though they do seem to find something wrong each time, for a husband who has so many health problems I've lost count, but refuses to ever see a doctor!! As I'm typing this, he is on the couch hacking like a 90 year old man who's smoked his whole life! He's only 41 & I'm ready to put him out to the pasture!!!!

    I have the Bounty Hunter dvd but haven't watched it yet. Rob gets copies of dvd's from a guy at work for $2-3.....he got that one for me & I didn't know what it was....if you say it's good I'll have to watch it!

    Hope you have a great day!