Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is This A Face To Love or What?

You know you want to say yes-so say it! She looks like my son's puppy Coco, who is the second love of our lives girl (after Madelyn, of course)! The puppy is from Deedee's Digital. She really has some fun stuff at her site. The verse is something I found while surfing the blogs the other day. If only I had bookmarked the site, I would have been happy to share it with you! The owner of the site goes freebie Sunday's and has wonderful free verses very Sunday to share! The paper is from BG.
Hey Cris, be sure to email me your address so I can mail out your package of goodies! You've won!
Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts. I know I get lots of visitors coming every day, but I think like most of us, they stop at the picture and that's it, so I'm happy that friends are reading up on what's happening in the Bloom Zoo!
Today is going to be a long one! Barry went off to school today so he can get his last minute studying in. At 1 he's got his MS Certification exam! So much rides on this. Yesterday he got a call from a company that saw his resume online and wants to talk to him. He has that interview at 4! It's a consulting company where he would have to have his certification, so everything part of my body that can be crossed is! I know it's not the end of the world if it turns out to only be an interview, but.... It's a good start and that's how we've got to look at it!
I think I'm doing some of my best work right now in designing cards, but nothing is selling. I don't know if it's the time of the year, the economy, or all of the above. It's Wednesday and I haven't sold one darn card this week. On top of that I had to issue a refund (large) for mail that never reached the person I sold it to. The package hasn't come back to me either and now I'm on the down side! I have a nice box of 30 or so cards just sitting on my desk waiting to be sold! Oh well, as they say, this too will pass!
I'm off to do something now. I'll most likely make some more cards. I look at it as a cheap way to lose myself for the day!
Say a prayer or two for us and a friend who's husband is also interviewing for a job! These are fine men who need a break in life! They work hard, do the right things, and now just need the hand up!


  1. Paula - Fingers & toes crossed for Barry's test & interview.

  2. Hi Paula!! Wishing Barry lots of luck with his test and interview!!

  3. This is fabulous! I love the image and the papers you chose and your coloring are the perfect compliment! I can't wait to hear how Barry's test and interview went!