Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Everyone!

This is the card I sent to my FIL. He's doing ok, but he's lonely. After living my Annette for 65 years, he's used to having someone in the house. We would love for him to come and live with us, but he wants to stay in the DC area, so he has now decided to give up the apartment and apply to a wonderful assisted living place. We really are thrilled for him. They'll cook and clean, and give him things to do. Last night we saw our friend Brian who lives in an assisted living home near us. We picked him up to go to a Lion's thing. A new club was formed and we went to support them. Brain's place is nice, clean and really full of life. I only hope that Sid will be as happy as Brain is!Today we're headed over to Evan's home for Father's Day lunch. He's cooking out on the grill. Both my boys are really good cooks. I don't allow Barry into the kitchen to cook. He really is lacking in those skills in life. Once I let him cook the eggs, and thought I'd go into salt shock! He added a bit much! Other then that, our day will be a nice lazy one. I have plans to work on cards for the ebay store. I'm getting low on them, thank goodness, and they need to refreshed. I think I'll mark down some so I can clear a few out. I'd love to sell them for what they're worth, but it appears I have buyers who think I'm charging enough! Selling in the summer is always hard, but I'll keep at it until I've sold every last card I can make!
Have a fun day with your loved ones, and don't forget to say a prayer for all who need them!

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  1. A gorgeous Father's Day card. It sounds like you have a terrific relationship with your FIL -- what a blessing! I'm praying for lots of card sales for you at your store! Hugs, Deedee