Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me...

It was time to get a new Heather Ellis digi image! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Do you ever just get so tired of what you have that you have to have something new? A digi image is the thing for you then! For 2.50 or less (if you buy at the UK site), you have a new toy to play with. I printed this image out 3 times. 1 for the actual image for the card, 1 so I could have the correct line up for the "dress", and the last one for her arm! Over the second image, I taped the printed paper down and printed over it. Then I just cut the dress out. To add the arm, I cut the "arm" and a bit of the shoulder out and added it under the top of the sleeve. When you cut the dress print, you just have to cut across where the arm and dress meet and then slide the "arm" into the area! I only did it for the one arm that was over top of the dress. I also left it ungluded on the dress area so it would seem 3-D. I hope this makes sense. It's an easy way to work with digi images. It just takes a bit more time then just coloring them in.
So what's up for you today? Barry is still in bed watching the morning news programs. I've been playing on the computer and marking some of the cards in my ebay store down to a sale price. I want them gone...but not given I'm having a Memorial Day sale on them! Sure hope that works. It's a long week and a half until SS comes in!
That's it for now...


  1. Hi Paula!! Darling card!! Love the colors and lace trim. I have to admit that I bought a few of the images after admiring your cards...thanks for all the inspiration!! Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!!

  2. This image has been on my "to buy" list...she is next to add to my collection! Love your card and your paper piecing!!!Good luck on your card sale!