Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Joy of Creating!

With all the other stuff in my life that never stops coming around, the only thing that I think has kept me sane is that I really enjoy creating my little works of art. IT lets me dream of what could be. Of all the things that are right in the world, and how I can be a part of that. So, Thank You for all your love and warmth. Yesterday could have been such a black day for us. We are at the verge of losing everything, and then I found a person to talk to at the bank who thinks they may be able to help. I don't know if it's possible, but the hope of sunshine is there. Sometimes that's all you need---HOPE! I also was accept to start a medical study that pays well. It's not a job, but it will be some extra money when it's over. They took a lot of tests and one came back with not so good results, and I will need to find some medical help, but that will have to wait a while, even for that.
The card I created and sold, was made using my SU Upsy Daisy set of flowers and some of the prettiest ribbon around. It's that wrinkled silk that everyone is talking about. I bought one yard of 3 different colors the other day. Hey, I can be a sport for 3.00! This one is a rosey pinky red color. Notice the size of the card? It's 6 1/4 x 3 1/4. It fits in the SU note size enveoples. It's a fun size card to make. The paper is from HL. I found a small piece that fit just right in the pile on my desk. The buttons are BG.
Well, I'm off today to the VA clinic with Barry. He gets the results of all his tests back in January he took. We guess their all good or they would have let him know by now, but it's always nice to hear in person. I found I had 9.21 left on a rebate debut card yesterday, so I'm treating Barry to lunch at Carl's Jr right near where we go. It's a good thing they are far away from us. I love their food. It's good and doesn't cost an arm and leg. The burgers are so big, we share!
Take care and thanks for listening to the rambling of a crazy old person today!


  1. Another beautiful card Paula! So glad you have some hope and yes, sometimes that is what we need! I hope everything goes well today! ~~Pam

  2. Another pretty card! I love the design! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!