Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey, It's Monday---Wake Up!

Where did the weekend go? It's starts and then it's over! I ask myself every Monday. is it going to be a good week or is it going to be the same old, same old. Maybe on Monday I don't even want to know! Do you like the card? It seems like when I got this set, I used it everyday and now it just sits there and I only use pieces of it. I love the little verses and use them often. The party hat gets a work out too. True to my word to myself, I'm trying to use up BG papers. The good thing is that I'm using them, the bad thing is that once they're gone, I'll have no more. Hopefully Barry will get a job or something wonderful will happen and I'll be able to afford more paper!
Speaking of Barry, he's back at school today. YEA! It's always a wonder as to how long he'll stay at school. He used to gone the whole day and I didn't have to make lunch, but now he's always tried in the afternoon and comes home. I think he's more bored then anything else. School has been so long for him and he's ready to move on, even through he's not really finished. KWIM?
Well, I'm off to finish working on the wash I started last week, get a shower, mail some cards, and finish a ton of projects!
Have a nice week and hurry back!

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  1. Very sweet card, Paula!! I love the colors & paper piecing!!