Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just A Fun Oldie!

I didn't really have anything new that I could post today. I've been working on DT cards for next week, so I thought I'd post one of the cards I made some time ago and hopefully it will brighten your day up as it does mine. I love this paper. It's just too bad I don't have any left. I think I went though 2 packages of the stuff. Plaid is my thing. I've always loved the stuff! If you have any and want to part with it, I think I'm a good charity for that. Heck, I'm a good charity for anything!
Larry, Tina, and Madelyn left for Disney World today. They'll be gone until Valentine's Day. It's for their 10th anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long. Barry and I planned the dinner after the ceremony and it was our gift to them. At the time I worked for American and we flew all the time. They were married at the Disney and spent the week there. A lot has happened in those years. We're lost Barry's mom and mine, my dearest cousin Mark, and a job or two along the way. We do have a wonderful granddaughter Madelyn, and a grown up grandson who will be going into the Navy soon. Justin was just a little boy with his Mother married our son. We are really lucky to have had all this in our lives.
Barry went off to a training session this morning for helping with the judging of a project Madelyn is involved it. More later on that. So today I'm doing nothing exciting. Maybe I'll get around to stamping. I would like to, but my MOJO is on VC!
I hope all the folks up North are staying in and keeping safe. Love to all my family up there.

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