Monday, February 22, 2010

Listen Up, Already!

That's what I feel like yelling sometimes! Is somebody listening to me? I'm sure HE is, but I'd like a sign, and I don't mean having Barry sick in the middle of the night sign! I think Barry has a touch of the flu bug right now. He did go off to school this morning, but he was sick all weekend. I found the best way to handle his illness over the weekend and this will work for any and all things related to husbands----just don't ask how they're doing! I didn't ask if he wanted anything. I didn't ask how he was feeling, and I didn't ask if I could do anything for him! He had to ask on his own. That's a big thing for Barry because when he wants to eat, he asks me if I'M HUNGRY---drives me crazy! Did I feel better about this method? Why the answer was YES! He did wake me up at 12:30 this morning with the chills. They were really bad, so I got him socks and another blanket. He soon went back to sleep and let me get the rest of my much needed beauty sleep!
So what are you up to today? Leave a comment, let's share it. I think I need to stock up on a few basics today. We're suppose to have snow tomorrow. They "think" it will be light, but the weather people have been off all winter, so I think I'll prepare just in case! I worked on lots of cards this weekend. Lots were sold on ebay, so I need to restock there. I wish I could say I didn't need the money they bring in or that I could say, WOW, now I have play money, but not yet. As the card said, I know G-d is listening to me!
Have a safe and warm day.


  1. Gorgeous card, Paula!! I love the fabulous butterflies and darling little flower pot!! And of course the yummy know me...I am ADDICTED to ribbon!! Hope Barry feels better and lasts all day at school!!

  2. Well it's AWESOME that you sold lots of cards!! That's good news, right?? Sorry Barry is sick....sick men are just no fun! Hope your week gets know where I am if you need to vent!

  3. This is such a cute springy card! I LOVE it! Hopefully Barry's better and you don't catch what he had! Not too much new here. I'm fixing some meals for a friend who's mother-in-law passed away today. Off the the store for some misc. ingredients!