Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I know we all struggle when it comes to making cards for the men in our lives and at least some of us have had requests for cards for the guys because it is so hard to find a nice handmade one, so that was my quest for Sunday. Make something easy and fun! I think I met the test! I used several SU sets of stamps. The truck came from one set, and the birthday verse came from Upsy Daisy. The cute plaid paper was part of a RAK from a friend and the metal was too. The metal was from Jeanine and the paper came from Amy. Isn't it a blessing to have good friends?
Next to Barry finding a job, a good day is when you wake up and have sales in your Etsy store. 2 days in a row that's happened and I am so grateful for those sales. My buyers think they are getting the best for their money when they buy a card, but in truth, I get the better end of the sale because it keeps food on our table and today gas in the car. I know I said having good friends is a blessing, so you know how I feel about wonderful customers! Now I need to refill my store!
Have a great day and hurry back!

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  1. Great guy card, they are hard to make for some reason, love the buckle, that is a perfect touch.