Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Do you like the new stamp? It started off as an innocent visit to J's to look for something for Barry, and because what he wanted was only on sale for 10% and they wouldn't let me use my 40% coupon, I was looking around while he was huffing and puffing. Can I help it if this $ stamp called me over and said "hey". It was love at first site and the next thing I knew, it was coming home with me! Oh the shame of buying a stamp--OK so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that, but it was really close!
The paper is from a pad I got several years ago and dug out with only 1/2 sheet used! Talk about shame. I've made several cards so far using this wonderful rich colored paper. Of course nothing finishes off a card for me these days like some of the wonderful ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique. I love Patsy ribbon. I've seen lots of the wrinkled ribbon on Etsy, and I can't say if one is better then the rest, but Patsy's is so beautiful and easy to work with, and it's a wonderful deal for the money! Please help support other artist!
Barry is working today. They called at 6:30 and I'm a happy camper to have the day to myself! YEA! What to do, what to do!
I'm off to do something, Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the card and the stamp is perfect, you just have to get that :). What to do? This weather is just awesome right now so I know all Lucky wants to do is walk......

  2. Paula,
    Sometimes those dollar stamps are just tons cuter than one for $15, I have a few and the one on Deedee's digi for a $1 is adorable with Halloween weeks away!
    God Bless,