Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Isn't she darling? You know you think so and so do I! She was made last week and added to my Etsy store and away she went to a new home! I would love to make more, but without the printer I can't print, but hopefully I'll be back soon and make lots more of these sweet bear girls! The paper is part of the new Basic Grey holiday papers, except for the musical note paper. That's from a DCWV holiday pad. 
 Wonderful, aren't they? Oh yes!
Barry didn't enjoy his first day full time. He has to learn some accounting stuff and he's all for that, but the lady who is suppose to be training him is not the brightest night light around, if you know what I mean and her methods are way out there. I hope it gets better for him tomorrow. When he came home for lunch he wondered if he made a mistake. NO, NO, NO!
Well, that's it for me. I have so many new cards made. I did some really sweet one's, but it seems I sold off so many of my holiday stamps last year trying to raise so money, that I'm a bit short in the set department. That wouldn't be a problem if I could download some images, but at the moment we're still dealing with out our computer. I can't wait to get mine back. Hopefully I'll still have customers left at the store. I usually have people email and say send me X amount of cards and how many of each they want, but of course they aren't doing that now....just when I really need the money. I'm trying to figure out how to stretch the 18 bucks I have until the end of the week! We put gas in Barry's car, but left mine on the big E. That's OK except now that he's working full time, I have to wait to do anything. I want to win the LOTTO! I know I'm dreaming again, back to making cards for me.
Have a great day and hurry back.

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  1. Fabulous card Paula! I can't see the whole card but I'm thinking that when you loaded it in your post you might have did the picture extra large and if you change it to large the whole card will fit. It's just a thought.

    I love the musical paper behind the bear! You may be short on Christmas stamps but not on digis! You have so many cute cards and they just really grab the eye!

    Hang in there! God's promises to care for His children.