Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Hello My Sweet Pumpkin!

I really need to work on getting my sizing right for pictures! This card seems so small. Oh well, another day! Isn't he the sweetest little guy? I love the size of the pumpkin. Nothing beats fall for pretty colors! This card was made using a layout from over at SCS. The paper is from a fall DCWV pad and the image---Deedee's Digis! Sweet! More of that wrinkled ribbon I love so much. I got to get more and more of that stuff!
Barry went to the job fair yesterday. Not many companies even showed up! Some of the one's he wanted to see weren't there, but he did speak with a few and one took his resume. What a waste of gas to drive across town for that, but as it only takes one company to want you---we're hoping the one that took his resume is the ONE!
The assisted living place called again yesterday to see if I would bring my cards to the them again next month on the 16th. Of course I said yes. Hopefully more ladies will come and shop with me. That would be a nice gift!
That's it for today. I'm going to go and make some coffee. I need to wake up and get something done again today. It's offical I'm going to cry now! I sold a bunch of cards last night and today the Toll Tag money was taken out of my paypal account! The very last thing I needed to pay! I thought I would now have money to spend on food, and it's gone! I've had the toll tag set up to take the money when it gets low, but with Barry out of work, he doesn't use it often. I guess going acorss town yesterday set it in motion! The real cost of the one resume taken was 40.00!!! Yesterday when the day started I had 6.00, sold a bunch of cards, and now I have 9.00 to my name! What kind of black evil cloud is always lurking around me? If anyone an answer my questions about why my life is a living HELL, please let me know! I can't take much more of this.


  1. Super, super sweet card, Paula! I am so ready for it to be fall, and your card just hits that home -- LOL! So many wonderful details in this. I especially like how you laid it all out, including the multiple colors of circles on the greeting and that wonderful ruffled ribbon! Well, as you said, it only takes one company to be interested. I'm praying the one that took his resume is it! Hugs, Deedee

  2. I hope that my commenting will show up because I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your card! It is so cute. This is a sweet set and your card is even sweeter!!