Saturday, August 14, 2010


Isn't this the sweetest card? Of course you'll answer---yes! I'm very happy the way it turned out! I used a digital image from Deedee's Digis called Nose's For Sale! She's all decked out with a brand new sweater and hat and ready for business---holiday business should be good this year! The paper is from Basic Grey. I'm sad to say I'm almost out of the lace. It's from My Favorite Things. It came in a package of 3 different ones, but this one was my favorite. I bought the little saying stamps years ago and just "refound" them again! Know how that is, don't you? The 2 cards I got made yesterday both have nice little "tickets" on them!
It's official, our living TV doesn't want to work right anymore. Barry took it apart yesterday, again, and he can't fix it anymore. It really is a lose considering how much time we spend in the house. The bedroom TV is still, at this time, OK. A new TV goes on the Wish List now. My list is getting so long. Maybe I should rename the list Hope List!
Barry is working this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon. He will get an extra hour or two on Wednesday this week. They need his help with the bus that drives the folks around. I think he's giving up hope on finding a job in his field. He's so down about it. I don't really have any more ideas for him. He doesn't even want to listen anymore. Maybe next week will be better. One can only hope and pray!
Well, I'm off to do something. You know, like go back to bed with a nice fresh cup of coffee or maybe finish a card or two. Sounds like bed is going to win the race!
Stay cool and hurry back!

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  1. Sorry about the tv Paula...& sorry to hear Barry wants to give up. I can is so disheartening to look & look & look & not find anything. Could he end up eventually doing something else at the nursing home?? You just never know what this part time job could lead to!