Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here she is, number 40 in my Etsy store! I have quite the stash of cards growing in my store. I really need to stop, but my hands just want to keep on working. It helps that I have an seemingly endless supply of scraps on my desk. It just keeps growing no matter how much I use! I think a little green guy comes in after dark and waters the darn paper---cause it keep growing! When I tell Barry I NEED more holiday paper, he just stares off into the pile and laughs! And it's not in a nice way laugh! Well back to my card today. I used some SU paper that I found in the stash. I've been using the pink and brown papers that are similar, but happened upon a few of the blue one's and used those today. The images is from the Internet. I wish I could give credit for it to the company who made it, but when we had the computer problems last weekend, I lost so much and lots of my images when away too! I had this one printed out already so it was easy to color her up this morning.
I'm going to the do the nursing home show on Thursday. I don't hold out on much hope for HUGE sales there, but maybe a few. Any would be a extra gift at this point. I just hope they like what they see. Maybe some of the staff will see some they "have to have"!
Barry is working again this afternoon. His regular time 4-8. It's nice to have that break for me, but it sure goes by fast. Today I need to work on some DT cards. I have a new one for tomorrow to post. I know you're going to go crazy over it. Winter, here we come! So stop back again tomorrow and check it out!
That's it for today. I need to go and do some praying about selling some cards. We are down to nothing in the old bank and have to make it a few more days. I know the Lord will provide for us, but I do wish he'd stop taking his time! This long has been long and hard, but for now we have a roof over our heads.


  1. Paula - what a fun image! You have so many fun/cute cards for kids birthdays.

    I know what you mean about the scraps. I have 2 baskets for scraps - 1 solid, 1 patterned. I try to dig through them first and see what grabs my eye, then work on a card. I get some good ideas this way. But I don't think I'll ever make it to the bottom, not even if I never use anything else!

  2. Paula - One more thought. Have you seen the sets that people are making now - a basic card with a space left blank for the sentiment. Then you stamp off some sentiments - thank you, thinking of you, stuff like that and punch them out. Then when you need a card you pull out your blank card, the appropriate sentiment, stick the sentiment on, and you have EXACTLY the right card for the occasion.

  3. Sounds like you are doing great with the Etsy shop! How is the Willow store doing? I can't really tell when I click over there how many sales you've had....I may just have to check that out!! I sure wish my husband would leave for a few could definitely use some "me" time this weekend!!

  4. Paula,
    Your cards are beautiful and I know your cards will catch on and sell here pretty soon.
    Much love,
    God Bless,

  5. Image is from Bugaboo, Flower Pot Girl

  6. Super cute, Paula!! What an adorable image!!