Friday, August 13, 2010

Sometimes YOu're The Slow One!

Today that's me. SLOW! It's not even 8 and it's already 85 degrees in the shade! That's Texas in the summer! I like the summer, but sometimes it's too much of a good thing! Sweet image? I got this one in a great package I received from Amy full of packages of kits from swaps! She was so kind to send them to me. I think it's a Whipper Snapper image, but don't hold me too it. It just looks like one of theirs!
Yesterday I went to the Assisted Living home and took my cards. The ladies loved what they saw. Many just looked, and asked if I'd be back. Some bought and I came home with a few more $ in my pocket then before. Not nearly what I was hoping for, but more then I went with!
Today I don't really have any plans except to keep cool. Barry is off until tomorrow and we have lots of food so I think we'll just have a nice laid back weekend. Cheap and easy. That's me these days! I have to stock up on my cards in my Etsy store, work on some DT things. There's a lot of new digis in Deedee's store to chose from.
Have a wonderful day!

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