Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Some days you have to kiss a lot of toads! Do you just love this? Ok, maybe you don't but I do and I love to please myself! I was looking for some baskets for the show tomorrow and found the verse stamp in the basket I needed to get down from the top shelf. I teamed it up with an SU frog. A couple of eyes, a bit of ribbon, and you have a fun card!
I got several more cards made this morning before we started on our shopping trips! It's payday for Barry's SS check, so we hurry up and buy food before it's all gone. I even got a turkey breast to cook tomorrow. I love food shopping. I know some people don't enjoy it, but it's the one place I feel I can always justify spending money in in tight times. I just wish we didn't have to eat it. It's so nice to see the cupboard full!
I'm hoping that the show tomorrow will work out and the people will buy all my cards. I know I'm dreaming and whatever sells will be a blessing to keep us going, but still hope is there! We met some of the ladies in WW this afternoon. On Wednesday they go by the house bus to do a little shopping, have a cold drink at M's and just get out of the Assisted Living Home. A nice chance for them. They're excited to see my cards.
That's it for today. Short and sweet!


  1. What a FUN card, Paula!! Good luck with your show!!

  2. Oh, Paula, I LOVE that saying!

    Good luck at the show.

  3. What a FUN card, Paula! That frog is one of my all-time favorites by SU, and the saying you used is perfect! I do know what you mean about it feeling good to have the cupboards full, and how hard it is to see them empty. I'm thankful that you were able to stock up, and am praying that your card sales do really well so that you can keep those cupboards full! Hugs, Deedee