Sunday, August 22, 2010


Isn't this a fun card? It's one of Deedee's Dollar Digis for this week! I found this cute paper from in my never ending stash today and knew it was the right thing for crayons! Excuse the size of the picture. I'm still trying to figure out the print packages on my computer!
This is going to be a very long week for me. Tonight I have a man coming who is going to try and help us save the house. We are behind in everything and they are going to try and rewrite the mortgage and put the back payments on the end of the mortgage. The only problem is I have to come up with one payment. I don't know where we're going to come up with $1100! It seems to as much the problem as losing the house! If I don't do something we'll be out in the street and penniless all at the same time! I'm trying to sell as much as I can in my Etsy store, but that really doesn't make a dent. I can't borrow from any bank. They'd laugh us out the door. Maybe I sell my blood several times over. I just don't know at this point. I am very scared right now. It's our last chance to not be living in the street the first week in September. I can't even win the lotto---I wasted my whole $ on that one! Please say a prayer for me because I surely will need everyone one of those, and then some. I may not be on much in the next few days, so please keep us in your thoughts.
Thanks for everything,


  1. I'm so sorry Paula. My thoughts are with you!

  2. This is such a sweet card, Paula! You captured that fun "Crayola" feeling that I don't think we ever outgrow. How did the meeting go? I've been praying so hard for you -- I sincerely hope they are able to make things work and that the money comes together, honey! Hugs, Deedee