Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just sharing a few cards I made this weekend. The bottom was scanned into the computer. It was after the camera broke! It seems I'm having some sort of problem with it. I posted it on FB over the weekend and thanks to some very helpful folks, I was able to see what the cause is. It's suppose to be covered by a recall, so we'll see. I contacted Cannon today and now I just have to mail it off to them. I hope they'll fix it for free and send it back otherwise a new camera will be on my wish list--very high up on that list!
Barry went back to school today. He didn't want to, but he doesn't know what else to do. He's studying to finish up and then he'll see about the test again. Who knows?!
I have to work on making more cards to fill up my ebay store again. I tell you I have been so blessed this week to sell cards. I was able to put gas in Barry's car and pick up his med's. I may not be making much off the sale of these cards because I've lowered the price so much in order to sell them, but at least it's money coming in. I didn't know how we would eat for the rest of the week without those sales. Barry doesn't get paid from his new part time job until next week. It's been a rough go lately. I'm hoping the end is in sight. I pray everyday that it is. And then I go back to make more cards!
Well, I'm off to see what can be done before dinner. Sloppy Joe's tonight with Cole Slaw. Not great, but still in the OK range!
Take care friends,


  1. Darling cards, Paula!! I love your Shell-A-Bration card!!

  2. How cute! I love the layout and fun papers you used! Just adorable!!!

  3. DARLING cards, Paula! I'm so glad that you are getting some sales that you need. Praying hard for things to get better!!! Hugs, Deedee

  4. Paula these cards are beautiful! I just wondering where in the world do you get all of this amazing and gorgous papers that you use! You cards are amazing and I am glad to hear that they are selling but they are really to beautiful for folks not to be paying more. I guess we are all in a tightspot these days. Praying for you and Barry sweetie. I know it is hard to believe but God will bring things around for your good. Hard to see it now, but things will be sure to change. Love & Prayers!