Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Christmas In Jul

I'm sure it's nuts to be making Christmas cards when it's 106 outside, but sometimes you just have to do something that's not the expected! Today's card uses a Pure Innocence from last season. I can't believe I've been using these images for a year. She's so darn cute. I dug in my paper scraps and came up with this card. The polka paper has birds on it, but I don't' think you really see them and I love this color combination! I put her in my ebay store this morning. I've sold a total of 3 cards this week. I can't believe it's this slow. I guess I forget from Summer to Summer how business falls off and with the economy like it is, cards are the last thing people need to buy. It's too bad we still need to eat. I'm so tried of being worried about how to make ends not even meet, but get within a mile of each end!
Barry's gone off to a job interview. It's for a teaching job, or so they say. I don't trust this company. They sell insurance and I'm sure the whole bottom line is to try and get him to sell! I'm not trusting at all anymore. He applied for several jobs yesterday that he had everything and then some of what they were looking for. He even got a reply back saying he didn't "fit" what they wanted! We know it was a lie. The job was for a JR Programmer! Some JR with 44 years behind him! I am not a charitable person and always hope that the person who turned Barry down finds himself or herself in the unemployment line right behind him someday. I know that's a mean thing to say, but I'm sick of hearing he's not good enough for what they want! All they mean is that he wants to be paid more then 7.25 an hour and they think they can get someone for 7.24!
Enough of that nasty stuff. We're off to the Assisted Living Home tonight. Las Vegas night is at 5:30 and we're helping out. It should be fun.
Have a fun day and stay cool!


  1. Your card is beautiful and I am loving these images so much. Love the colours you used too. Sorry to heaar about Barry's not so happy interviews. Praying that this one brings about good news. Hugs.

  2. These little girls are so adorable! I love how this girls hair is whisped into her face. Adorable!

  3. What a fun card! I love the colours in this! Great papers (what did you use?) This is just so cute. It will bring a holiday smile to anyone!!