Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Almost Sunday!

Where did the day go? We slept late and then it seems to move into real laziness! Barry had to go to work at 3 today so I did finally have some time to play. I was in digi heaven this morning. I went "shopping" for freebie's in blog land before Barry got out of bed this morning. Boy did I find some fun one's. The clown was one of those! I added the verse from a stamp I had in my stash. The paper I've had forever. I love how it turned it. I shouldn't take pictures in the evening with my camera. It only likes the bright sunshine to really show off a card, but I think you'll get the idea!
Today was a pretty good day when you compare it to the last several. I woke up to a sale in my ebay store of the Disney Chipboard Album, and then this afternoon I sold a few more cards! Words can't say how happy I am. All I can think is that I can buy food! Just the thoughts of that make me want to cry. It seems like all I do is work for food. It's sad that there are so many people out there with the same thoughts. We're all waiting for our ship to come in! Many folks have had their whole lives turned upside down, and yet, I sense hope! I know with all the things that's happen to us, we still have hope. We have our love and the hope that a better day is just around the corner!
Have a wonderful 4th. Stay safe and remember to celebrate the freedom we have to think for ourselves. Our government is there for a reason, not to hurt us, like some wingnuts claim, but to stand by us when we need them. As we celebrate that freedom, please remember just because you may not like what someone says, they have the right to say it!


  1. Paula, that is an adorable digi -- great find! I love how you colored and dressed it up -- so very cheery! Congrats on your card sales -- WOO-HOO!!!!

  2. Paula - Happy 4th to you & Barry! I missed the news that they put Barry on the schedule. Yeah, Barry! That's got to make him - and you - feel better.

  3. OH this is as cute as can be ~ so happy and colorful! Nicely done! Happy 4th of July! xoxo