Monday, July 5, 2010

Doesn't This Card Say It All?

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I know we enjoyed just doing nothing most of the day. Barry did go to work late in the day and I tried to create some cards. Not this one, but others just as fun! Today's card was made using brand new Deedees Digis imges. Please check them out if you haven't already. Just click on the link and it will take right there. And if you haven't tried the digital images, Deedee has a free one every Monday to try out! Once you start using the digis, you'll be hooked! The thing I like the most is that you can change the sizes to what you want. So many times I buy a stamp I see online, get it, and then think, wow, it's too small or too large! Well with the digital images, you don't have to worry about that one. I print them out on my own printer and use my copic markers and have no problems. You would never know that I didn't "stamp" them!
Today needs to be a day to get something done. Anything would be a help. I thought I must be the only one who's house is a disaster area, but I learned it's not. I think I need a maid! Know anywhere I could "win" maid service? That would be a great prize! Forget free food or gas for a year, give me maid service for that time! Since I spend most of my days creating so I have cards to sell in my ebay store, so we can have the little things in life, like food and gas for the car, I don't want to clean at all. I don't even want to pick up after myself when I finish crafting. I want to come out one morning and find it all cleaned up. I'm hoping the clean craft fairy will come and visit me soon! Oh well, a girl can dream!
That's about it for today. I need to go and have coffee. It's time! Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself!

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