Friday, July 23, 2010

OMG, It's Friday!

Not that Friday means a heck of a lot when you're not working. It's just another day, but somehow it seems like the thing to say! YEA, it's Friday. Off for the Weekend, and the saying go on and on. You get my meaning! We don't have any plans for the weekend. It's just too darn hot to do much of anything right now. Maybe we'll get some much needed rain. That would be wonderful. Evan is coming over to mow the lawn. The city says our grass is too long. What do they know!!!
My sweet little Pure Innocence girl is made today with some of that wonderful BG Olivia paper that I received as a gift. I hated to cut into the pad, but I hated it more not using it! I combined two different sets of stamps for this card. The cupcakes are from the Tea Party set, but they fit perfectly in the little wagon. I wanted to paper piece her dress, but I didn't want to use up any more of this sweet paper, so she's colored with Copic markers!
Last night we went to the Assisted Living Home where Barry is working to help out with their first Las Vegas night. The people that played games had a blast. It was so fun to see them have a good time. Some didn't want to play but after they did, you could see the joy of just being around people they had. Several of Barry's Lion's Club members also came to help. The woman in charge, Esther, was wonderful with the older folks. They are so lucky to have her working there!
So, what's up for you this weekend? Beach, lake, Mall? The movies are always a nice way to spend the hot summer days. I'd love to spend it shopping. NO I don't need anything except glue, but it would be fun to have unlimited amounts of money and just spend, spend, spend. In my dreams I don't even do that, but it would be nice. Someday. When Barry and I first got married we bought a sign for our wall that said "SOMEDAY". We're still waiting!
Have a wonderful day and hurry back!


  1. Happy Friday, Paula!! Maybe you should apply at the Assisted Living facility, it sounds like you really enjoy the environment! Grass is too them to come mow it if it bothers them!

  2. Woohoo, I see you got the PI girl in the wagon you were after- she is SUH-weet!! Lovely card, my friend - happy weekend! x0x0