Friday, July 2, 2010


Sweet, I tell you sweet! And surfer bear can be had a bargain price! For the month of July when you spend $15 or more, he's yours for FREE at Deedee's Digis! Check them out! I used up more of the scrap pile to create this card, but was at a loss as to what to do to give it a "finished" look. I have a bag of shells from one of our trips to the beach in my kitchen drawer. Don't ask why it's still there after a few years, it just is! I pulled two tiny shells out and added them to the card. I LOVE IT!
Boy was yesterday one of those days! Barry woke up to tell me he wasn't taking his test, but when he called he had no choice. He would have had to cancelled 4 days before! He took it, but again, didn't pass. I don't know what he's going to do to make sure he does. He found out he can take it 2 more times, but we don't know if he's going to have to pay for them, or the school. By him paying, of course I mean me making more cards to pay for his mistakes! I know that sounds a little mean, but after yesterday, he's lucky I didn't try to sell him on ebay. I was so angry with him. I'm tried of hearing it's the way they "word" the test! Either he knows the info or he doesn't and it's been a waste of a year! Ok, so maybe I'm still a little mad! Then he went to the Assisted Living home where he's going to work part-time. I call it his part part-time job! What else can you call 8 hours a week! The good thing, he did training for 4 yesterday and 4 more today! And he's out of my hair! PRICELESS!
I hope everyone look a look at all the great cards that were posted over at the Craft Blog with the new Deedee's images. So great! They are a great bunch of ladies with super talent. Again, I am blessed to work with a group of women! Two DT's in a row that you know are the best of everything!
I made a lot of cards yesterday. My goal was dozen, but I fell a little short. I think I did 9 or 10. I was very proud of doing that many when my head was killing me most of the day! I was blessed to have a sale early this morning. That's a good feeling to wake up to money in the account! I did spend a little on ebay. I had to buy those clear cello bags I keep the cards in. I never think I've sold so many cards until I need more of those bags! Someday I'll have enough money to buy them in bulk! Wish and dreams!
I have to go and finish some more cards now. My good friend Pat sent me a new SU Catalog yesterday! Talk about a wish list! Sure there were some new stamps I love to have, but I'd love to own many of those colors of cardstock and markers that were bought back! I think I need to add the set that has the two little girls hugging as well. Don't worry, I'm making my list. I just wish I could buy a little at a time, but the shipping is the killer for me. WISH LIST!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. OMGosh! This is ADORABLE!!!! I love the bright colors! The papers you chose are the perfect compliment and your coloring is fabulous!!! LOVE it!!!

    I'm sorry to hear Barry's test didn't go well. I'm sure you're both frustrated and I imagine is very disheartening for him not to pass again. I know there are some people that test better verbally than to look at things on paper. I hope he is able to pull through this and be successful.

    Have a wonderful weekend!