Friday, July 16, 2010


This little gal is where I want to be on a sweet sunny day or even a rainy day! She's a lovely image I found this week on the web and couldn't wait to make into a card! I found some beach paper in my stash from a trip with my friend Gretchen that she bought me and it was perfect for this card. Now I have about an inch left of the paper. It's so perfect for summer cards!
My camera is on it's way back home! Canon FEDEX'd it on Wednesday and so it should be there today or tomorrow. They changed out the bad chip and now it should be super fine!
Nothing new in the job hunt for Barry, but he is trying hard to find something. It's so sad that he got paid for his job today and his SS on Wednesday and we only have a small amount left and I'm sure that will be gone soon! I really want to be rich. Yes, dirty, stinking rich! You know where you have more money then you could ever spend! Ok, so it was dream, but dreams are good!
Have a great day and hurry back!


  1. I'm so sorry Paula.....I wish you were rich too, so you could share with your friends, lol!! We have friends (they are actually friends of my aunt) that spend ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous paying someone to come change their light bulbs. They *really* have more money than they know what to do with. Barry will find friend just applied at Starbucks, is something like that an option??

  2. Oh la lah, hula hula! WHat a joyful card! I love the colors and the fun, whimsical feel to this - brings a big burst of sunshine and smiles when I saw it! Wonderfully done - happy SONday! x0x0