Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank You For Your Kindness!

I've always said crafters are the most wonderful people on this earth! Well, if I didn't say exactly that, I should have! All the kind words of support have just made my heart swell. And the one nasty one, well, I'm not sure what to say about her. I don't know why she keeps coming back to my blog if she doesn't like what I write. It's beyond me!
First the good news. My BIL as able to work with that bank and I sent them one payment this morning. I won't have to make another until September and then if we do them on time for a three months, they'll re done the mortgage! I tell you, I didn't sleep last night. I was so worried about it all. I also paid the last payment on Barry's car today. That's another burden lifted of my shoulders. I feel like I could sleep a week! Now to find a job!
Barry is only 63 but applied last night for his Social Security. It's not as much as it would have been if he would wait, but the way things are going, the money will help. At least we'll know something is coming in every month right now and we'll worry about the rest later. I just want him to work hard and finish school at the top of his game. He's going to a Career Fair today. I'm sure if it's anything like all the others he's gone too, there won't be enough companies there to handle all the people that show up! He keeps going in hopes that someone will be there that he really hits it off with!
Now to the card. I used another wonderful gifted Tilda girl and lots of scraps to make it so pretty. Notice the yellow CS? It's one of the new SU colors. I love the yellow and the brown the best. I like fall colors. They suit me even though I LOVE summer.
Well now I'm off to have little lay down before I pull out the card stock and start crafting! Again, thank you all so much for listening to me with all my tales of how down I felt. We're not out of the woods yet, but then neither is anyone else I know. I just hope something turns around soon. I think the health care issue is a big one and I'm in favor of a public plan. When you have NO insurance, anything is better then nothing. Those in office who are on their high horse about not wanting a public plan better think again. The only other thing is to let those folks die because without insurance and money, there is nothing left!
Hugs and prayers.


  1. Paula, I'm so happy that things on the mortgage front are looking better. Hopefully something good will happen on the job front too. Your card is beautiful, as always. I love all of the layering and flowers...lots to look at! ~~Pam

  2. Paula - I'm so glad for you & Barry that you're getting good news.

    Here's an article to file away for when Barry gets his job. The size of your SS check is not forever. You can start drawing at 62, then get it reset at 67. This article in BankRate talks about it.