Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Another Day

To think it's only Tuesday! So far my week is going gang busters! Maybe I should busted instead! Barry had his "so-called" hearing this morning with TX Unemployment for the appeal hearing. It was a joke. It lasted 18 minutes and the woman seemed more concerned about Walmart, then getting Barry his unemployment back! Like I said---sick joke! Now we have to wait another two weeks to hear anything more! I've been talking to our local state rep's office and today was no different. They are going to look into what's up. Barry was pretty down about it this morning. I don't know what will happen.

This afternoon I went to the temp agency and learned more about the job they have. It sounds so bad. Working 8-10 hours a day in a line boxing up cell phones. I said I'd still be interested since nothing else is around right now, but that job won't even start for another week or two! I want my luck to change. Today is one of those cry in your shirt sleeve days. I came home and applied for a part time job at Mickey D's. Maybe I'll hear back from them. I sure hate being such a bummer today, so I'm hoping a little bit of sunshine will come peeking through.

Besides all of that, I've been trying to make a card for the last two hours and nothing is working. I messed up the face of my latest Tilda girl. Of course it looks OK, if you like blue on her nose! I was trying to work on a long skinny card then with chipboard letter. That didn't work out either. So today I'm sharing a card that did work just fine. I love all these girls. I'm lucky to have a wonderful customer who has become a friend who buys so many of these girls. I hope she enjoys this one.

Well, I'm off now. I must do something. Maybe I can take a nap!!



  1. This is just super adorable!!!

  2. I'm sorry the job is yucky Paula...could you at least listen to an Ipod?? I guess boring is better than nothing...which is what I've come up with. I never thought I'd be anxious for school to start again so I can sub....McD's doesn't sound so bad....at least they'd feed you...lol...chin up, friend! I'm here to chat!